Who Benefits from an American Race War?

It almost blasé isn’t it? Another Black man is cooperating with the police and is shot for it. As routine now as sun rise, sun set, and celebrity gossip preempting it in the news cycle. It has been happening since The Emancipation Proclamation but it is getting harder for Americans to sweep it under the carpet. The KKK was outlawed so coopt the police, the prosecution services, the courts, and the prison industries to ethnically cleanse America of the undesirables.

Now that some Black men are fighting back, and the rise of white supremacy as GOP policy, we should ask the question: Who benefits from an American race war? In the Cold War the KGB targeted Black leaders, Dr King especially, because they were preventing a violent response to the treatment of African Americans. The Soviets wanted the US to tear itself apart in a civil war, and in many cases US government agencies were unknowingly assisting them in this. Seeing the peaceful leaders as a threat and targeting them nearly achieved Moscow Centre’s twisted aims.

Since the unfortunate, yet somewhat understandable, shootings of police officers I’m guessing US gun sales are skyrocketing. A race war would make arms dealers, and everyone else supplying the police industry, billions of dollars richer. The police themselves stand to gain from bigger budgets, more overtime, less public scrutiny, and cooler military grade gear. The tough love politicians will use a race war to pass laws that violate basic human rights, sadly to populist applause.

Not just internal US interests benefit from a race war. Smug liberal democracies can ignore their own racial problems by simply pointing to how much worse it is elsewhere. The preverters of Islam and other extremist terror groups will use a US race war to recruit more suicide bombers, terrorists, and raise more money. The world’s most brutal regimes will use a race war to question the west’s motives and cover up their affronts to humanity.

Some countries will use the distraction of a race war in America to bully their neighbours and expand their influence. Criminal syndicates will exploit the chaos of a race war to expand their petty empires and ruin more lives. Worse case scenario in a US race war is the US becomes a failed state that requires thousands, maybe tens of thousands of international troops to stabilize.

Whenever there are attacks by people claiming to be Muslim people demand all Muslims are to blame. I guess that logic comes from everyone in America is a criminal because a Black person stole a purse once. If we flipped that logic around and generalized all American police as racist, triggerhappy, untrained, power tripping, cowboys, would that be fair? No, but the police who say or do nothing about the corruption, racism, gratuitous violence, and mental instability are accessories.

Anyone who believes they have enough training is a threat to themselves and others. American police are in serious need of more training, away from gun ranges. All police services everywhere need to purge themselves of people who believe they are morally superior, or the hero in some action movie. If there are good police out there they should show us by arresting their rotten colleagues. The officer who shot the man in the above article should have been immediately disarmed by the other officer there. Maybe US police should go on half pay leave after every incident where they had to draw their firearm. Justify their actions with an automatic third party review. Or the victim’s medical bills have to be covered by the officer’s insurance.

The sensationalist, profiteering media who are another group ready to exploit a race war. Maybe they should be doing more stories of when police disarmed a situation without firearms. Or how about in depth stories on the relationship between police, politicians, and for corporations who supply the police. Why do police budgets need to rise at higher rates than inflation? Or ask why in other countries police shooting unarmed people immediately leads to public outrage, inquiries and police procedural reviews.

History is full of examples of police needing constant scrutiny and accountability or they become the threat to society they were meant to deal with. Every officer and police service must use the current attention to start a process of evolution. Instead of complaining about #BlackLivesMatter, complain the service has lax hiring processes that allow racists and sociopaths in uniform, or the poor support systems that have police doing the job of mental health workers or tax collectors. Challenge the orthodoxy of traditional policing, it appears to have failed spectacularly.

I doubt anything will really change in the US, Churchill said something about Americans only doing the right thing after they’ve tried all possible wrong options. Sadly a much higher body count will be needed before the wrong options are exhausted.


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