Ascent of Evil

I am a straight, white, raised in a Protestant home, male born before the Millennials. Demographically speaking I should be celebrating Trump as the second coming. Luckily I am too well educated, informed, and moral to see Trump as anything but a snake oil salesman with a toxic personality cult. I am naturally a pessimist, the election of Trump as a threat to every progress achieved since 1864.

Kristallnacht happened this day in 1938, attack the threatening minority, use them as scapegoats to divert from the real problems. Brexit has opened a wave of hate crimes across Britain. Divisive, isolationist, exceptionalist politics is rising in every corner of the world. Russian football fans yell Jew as an insult to rival fans, attacks on religious freedoms or freedom from religion is on the rise, we live in a world where praying at the wrong church/mosque/temple is a death sentence for some. Throw in peaceful protests being met with paramilitary force and the Russian Empire expanding using salami tactics, this world gets scarier by the day.

I’ve drawn the conclusion fascism didn’t lose World War II, it switched sides. A quick example, the home economic courses taught in North America in the 50s-60s are almost identical to those taught in Germany/Austria in the 30s-40s. Throw in the rise of sovereign corporations free from public scrutiny and yet capable of influencing the course of government. The fear mongering of the Cold War, the constant threat/must be ready mantras were social engineering to keep plebs in line. Yes communism is a threat, all totalitarian systems are, theocracy, militarism, fascism, corporatism, and all the other isms that put the ideology above humanity.

The “It can’t happen here” delusion is going to be common in some circles here in Canada. It is and has happened here, there is nothing special or exceptional about Canada or any other country. That is the type of arrogant ignorance the divide and rule crowd are counting on. I’ve had a taste of white supremacists and hate can do, I was in the army reserves during the 90s when hate groups were infiltrating to seize control and get training for their imagined race war. I’ve seen nationalist Serb symbols spread around my highschool.

I’m afraid of what’s going on in the world right now and I’m in the last group they’ll come for. So yes I understand why many are scared to the point of fight or flight right now. I am privileged, does feel like a prison at times, but I’m privileged to have access to information, media, art, and news from around the world. I came of age in the most media saturated area on earth pre-webbrowser. That privilege gave me a perspective and eagerness to seek out new points of view and it has kept with me. Now, most of humanity has the privilege to go beyond the narrow point of view their predecessors were imprisoned by.

One of my favourite movies is Malcolm X, a cinematic treasure giving a snapshot into a complex and inspiring man. That movie is a gateway to understand the Civil Rights movement, which I recently heard a historian call the Second Civil War, and a gateway into American Islam. That movie led me to watch documentaries on the Civil Rights movement and eventually read the Koran. If you are a privileged white male you are obligated to seek understanding from the people who have never had it as good as you. Why? Because even us white males have lost something important, the connection to our own tribal history has been stolen from us.

Pre- Christianity Europe had a spiritualism and open inclusive societies similar to many of the world’s surviving Indigenous communities. It was far from perfect of fully equal but it kept people humble and connected with the environment that sustains us. The alien systems of Roman hijacked Christianity did to Celts and others what successor empires did in the rest of the world. It wasn’t so much the believe system that was destroying ways of life but the strict hierarchies, economics, militarism, and the intolerance of diversity that caused genocide and destruction. This perverse Christianity even exported the perversion to Islam. As for racial purity, if you believe in that you are in need of some science education. Global trade routes are thousands, possibly tens of thousands of years old, we’re as racially pure as the mutts in the dog pound.

It has been cathartic to vent, we all need to after the US election results. I, and I suspect many, need to revisit this: FDR 1933


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