My first thought is the worst is yet to come, though that maybe the cold filling my head with mucus or listening to Captain Beefheart without mushrooms or acid. Sure we have a ceasefire in Syria, for now, but with the rise of Putin and his patsy Trump our world is far more dangerous. Terrorism is being fueled by lack of arms controls, fears, and incompetent global leadership. Add climate change deniers being able to reverse any progress and we are going to have a 2017 filled with disaster, violence, and extremists of every flavour demanding a return to some idolized era of tyranny and division.

The 2016 highlight was the birth of my nephew, who should be bigger than me in a few days. I didn’t do much reading, nor finish the novel I started which might be because I merged three novel ideas into one, and the return to show poodle status jumping through hoops for social services. In modeling I finished my US infantry company and my South African tank company. Last month I impulse bought both X-Wing game starter boxes and a spare X-Wing, now I need Tie Fighters, so many Tie Fighters to swarm the Rebel Scum.

For 2017 I’ll keep my goals simple, finish novel, build a Soviet tank battalion for Flames of War, buy more Tie Fighters and Star Wars Lego minifigures, and maybe connect better with people. With the recent discovery that I have a 1 in 2 chance of prostate cancer I should finally get a doctor, I’m on a waiting list so I guess I wait. Why are there so few doctors that allow email appointments? It’s 2017 not 1897.

I’ll stop here, ADHD plus mucus brain syndrome is making me something something.


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