A Canadian male of the pigmentally challenged variety descended from Europeans. A person trying to figure life out, while exploring talents and seeking a place where they will be appreciated and used for the greater good. Someone who always is alone even in a crowd of thousands and is alien to all around him. A person recovering from humanity and the abuse that goes with it. A person with Attention Deficit Disorder and learning disabilities in a world where differences are dismissed. Also allergic to gluten, scallops and camomile and most soaps/detergents cause me a rash.

A heterosexual male recovering from the delusions of hopeless romanticism and the longings of intimacy. A soul that is missing presumed dead. A lover with no love left. A friendless friend. A scarred psyche with no war stories. The catch that fears the bait. The emotional wreckage on society’s floor. A neglected, forgotten loser. Essentially a self absorbed, self loathing creep. Disconnected in a suburban prison. Isolated, poor and pessimistic.

An academic who ran out of money before finishing school. A writer with to much depression to be creative. An artist without a muse. I’m interested in military history, Late Republican Rome, Eighteenth Century Europe and World War Two. I enjoy reading military strategy, the favourites are Sun Tzu, Baron Jomini and John Boyd. Also interested in anthropology, politics, human rights, music, hockey, games, sci-fi, books, movies, photography, Formula 1 and Canadian Football.


Football: Toronto Argonauts and McMaster Marauders
Hockey: Montreal Canadiens and Stars, Hamilton Bulldogs, London Knights and Cardiff Devils
Team Canada and Team Wales
Kimi Raikkonen and Philipe Massa


TV: Yes, Minister/Prime Minister, Babylon 5, Time Team UK, Monty Python’s Flying Circus
Movies: Finding Forester, Zulu!, Battle of Britain, The Rocket Maurice Richard
Authors: John Le Carré, Bernard Cornwall, Winston Churchill, Bettany Hughes
Music: The Tea Party, Leonard Cohen, the Tragically Hip, Metric

So that is a bit about me for those who might be interested. It isn’t conclusive but I’m a person in the process of evolving so it is difficult even for me to understand. If you want to know the deeper stuff it requires pinot noir and a weekend one on one without distraction. I’ll add that I have no home/home town, I was born in London Ontario but moved around so much I feel an outsider where ever I go. Where I live now I feel like a guest who has outstayed his welcome and poverty combined with unemployability will make this permanent. I have never found an environment I can relax in.


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